A crown sometimes called a cap, is a tooth-shaped covering that is placed over a compromised tooth in order to restore its function and appearance. Many people choose this option when a tooth is severely damaged by decay or trauma and is too fragile to be repaired with a dental filling alone. This restoration option is also commonly used after a root canal to restore the tooth’s appearance and normal functioning. The crown itself is made of porcelain for a more natural look and can be color-matched to your surrounding teeth as well. These crowns can last for several years with the right oral hygiene habits and routine dental care from our dentist in San Mateo.

How Are Dental Crowns Applied?

At your first visit, the San Mateo dentist will discuss your needs and goals with you to determine if a dental crown is right for you and if there are any alternatives that might work better for you. After the tooth is prepared, a digital scan is used to take measurements so that the crown can be custom-created in a dental lab to blend in with your smile, avoid cracks or breakage, and prevent future tooth decay.

Once the crown is finalized, you will come back for another visit, where your dentist will cement the crown in place over your tooth to complete your new smile! Now you can be confident in showing off your teeth and eating your favorite foods again.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Crowns?

Strengthen damaged teeth

If you’ve lost one or more of your teeth, the remaining teeth may shift out of place, resulting in crooked or misaligned smiles. A crown can restore the appearance and functionality of your smile by strengthening your remaining teeth.

Protect weak teeth from further decay

If you’ve received treatment for advanced tooth decay and your tooth is at risk of fracturing, a crown can protect it from further damage. The closing effect the crown has on your mouth will prevent you from accidentally biting down on that tooth. Additionally, crowns offer additional protection against cavities and gum disease due to their durability and ability to seal the chewing surface of your tooth.

Cover stained, discolored, or otherwise unsightly teeth

Most people want a beautiful smile that’s both healthy and attractive. If you’re not satisfied with the appearance of your smile due to discoloration, chips, cracks, or other flaws, you may be a good candidate for a tooth-colored porcelain crown. These natural-looking restorations can conceal minor imperfections in as few as two visits.

Restore dental implants

Dental implants are replacements that look just like natural teeth. However, the implant post itself can’t be covered up with an ordinary restoration like a filling. Instead, you need an implant crown to complete your smile after dental implant surgery.

Replace old metal fillings

Traditional silver amalgam fillings contain mercury, which is highly toxic to people when ingested. Metal fillings can also expand and contract as you eat hot and cold foods, which can lead to new fractures in the teeth around the filling. For this reason, you should replace your old metal fillings with a more attractive alternative, like a composite resin or porcelain filling.

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