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Emergency Dentistry Specialist

As a top-rated emergency dentist in San Mateo, CA, Dr. B. Jeffrey Kay is skilled in treating an array of urgent dental issues including toothaches, swollen gums, broken and loose teeth and damaged restorations. Advanced treatment techniques help relieve pain and other symptoms while preventing further and more extensive damage.

Emergency Dentistry Q&A

by B. Jeffrey Kay, DDS

What does an emergency dentist do?

Dentists trained in dental emergencies are skilled at providing state-of-the-art urgent care in a prompt fashion to help patients relieve pain and other symptoms while also preventing further damage to the tooth or surrounding areas.

What types of issues are considered dental emergencies?

A dental emergency can include any issue that's causing pain or dysfunction, as well as issues that will become worse or cause additional damage or dysfunction if not treated promptly. Some common dental emergencies include:

  • broken or chipped teeth

  • lost or broken bridges, crowns or veneers

  • lost or loose fillings

  • broken or lost dentures or implants

  • teeth that have been knocked out

  • sore or swollen gums due to infections, foreign objects or other causes

  • loose adult teeth

  • toothaches

  • deep cuts or gashes in or around the mouth

  • jaw dysfunction or pain

Can a tooth that's been knocked out be replaced?

If the tooth is healthy, it may be able to be “replanted” as long as care is sought immediately. The tooth should be placed back in the socket if possible or placed between the gum and cheek. If that's not possible, it may be placed in a container of milk. Care must be taken not to touch the root which can be easily damaged, preventing replanting of the tooth.

How are dental emergencies treated?

Dental emergencies are treated as quickly as possible, and extended office hours are available to accommodate emergency needs. Some emergencies require immediate or same-day treatment, while others may be treated with home care until the next business day. If a dental emergency occurs, it's important to call the office right away to schedule an appointment.

What can I do to prevent a dental emergency?

Seeing the dentist for routine checkups and having recommended treatment of dental issues is the best way to keep teeth healthy and strong so they're less likely to be damaged. It's also important to wear a mouth guard during sports and to avoid chewing on ice or hard candy. Finally, never use teeth as tools to pry or open items.


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