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Having routine dental cleanings is one of the best things you can do to protect your teeth and prevent decay and gum disease. Dr. B. Jeffrey Kay uses state-of-the-art dental cleaning techniques and equipment at his San Mateo, CA, practice, helping patients of all ages enjoy better oral health.

Dental Cleaning Q&A

by B. Jeffrey Kay, DDS

How often should I have my teeth cleaned?

Dental cleanings should be performed every six months to ensure teeth and gums remain healthy, to identify issues that need treatment so they can be corrected as early as possible, and to screen for oral cancer. Gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss in the U.S., and having regular cleanings is the best way to spot the disease in its earliest stages when treatment is simplest and most successful.

What does a dental cleaning include?

Dental cleanings use special tools and mild abrasives to clean all the surfaces of the teeth as well as the tiny spaces between teeth where bacteria are most likely to hide. Cleanings also pay special attention to the area along the gum line where gum disease begins, carefully removing plaque and hard tartar deposits that often harbor disease-causing bacteria. During the cleaning, the hygienist will look for areas where improvement is needed in home care, providing tips and guidance to help patients keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy between appointments. Once the cleaning is complete, x-rays may be taken and an oral cancer screening will be performed. During this screening, the dentist will perform a visual evaluation and also gently feel along the insides of the cheeks and gums to check for rough patches or discolorations that can be caused by oral cancers. If a suspicious area is noted, the dentist may take a tiny scraping of cells for evaluation under a microscope. Most cleanings take an hour or so to complete.

Will the cleaning hurt?

Dental cleanings use special instruments and techniques designed to minimize any discomfort, and most patients report no discomfort during a routine cleaning. Patients with untreated cavities or gum disease may have some mild temporary discomfort.

How is gum disease treated?

Mild gum disease may be treated with routine cleanings to remove bacteria and enable the gums to reattach to the tooth surfaces. More advanced gum disease may require in-depth cleaning treatments called planing and scaling to remove bacteria and tartar below the gum line and around the root.


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